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There are, of course, lots of calendars, diaries, organisers and planners available for mobile phones. They all do similar things when you look at the basics but where lots of them struggle is in their lack of options.

Not so with Handy Calendar. Because where Handy Calendar thrives is in its functionality and features that you really do need. The main display is a calendar but you can change this, as with Outlook, to break it down into a month, a week or a single day view.

Add new entries using the subject, location, time and category fields and then search through them in the same way. Also one of the most important features for me is the alarms facility which will let you know when all your appointments are coming up, the important ones and the horrible ones like the dentist's.

Handy Calendar should make life much easier for you because it offers a lot of features that you'll already be used to through planners like Outlook.

Handy Calendar is an organiser that covers the basics but also has a lot of extra features that you'll recognise as being similar to Outlook.

Handy Calendar


Handy Calendar (S60 3rd) 2.05

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    Per Christian Lokke.
    If you could sync it with a pc based calendar (could be a Handy prog for pc), I would have ...   More