Facebook for Chrome

Facebook for Chrome 5.0.3

Quickly view your Facebook feed


  • Quick status updates
  • Handy birthday calendar
  • Access to most used Facebook features
  • Quick friend search


  • No Facebook Messenger integration
  • Can't reply to messages with add-on
  • Sharing to Facebook doesn't allow captions


Facebook for Chrome is an extension that allows users to quickly access their Facebook news feed, messages, and more.

Ever wanted to update your Facebook status without having to leave the webpage you're currently on? Facebook for Chrome will allow you to do this and more. After installing Facebook for Chrome and logging in, you're greeted with a simple interface that features a sidebar with icons for different features.

With Facebook for Chrome, you can access your news feed, update your status, view notifications, view events, view pictures, and view your messages. While all of this sounds great, there are a few drawbacks to Facebook for Chrome. While you can view your messages and events, you can't interact with them inside the extension. Clicking on a message or even will take you to the Facebook site. This is a shame, as Facebook for Chrome would have been great as a Facebook chat client.

The good news is that you can 'like' and comment on your news feed or photos within Facebook for Chrome. Now you won't be taken away from what you're currently doing to like or interact with photos or stories in your news feed. Facebook for Chrome also allows you to right-click on a page to share directly to Facebook. Unfortunately it doesn't allow you to add a comment before sharing and doesn't show a share confirmation.

Overall, Facebook for Chrome is a good extension to quickly glance at your information but is missing some features that stop it from being a complete portal to your Facebook.

Facebook for Chrome


Facebook for Chrome 5.0.3

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