Easy Calendar

Easy Calendar 3.6

Handy simple calendar with support for reminders


  • Customizable appearance
  • Can insert events right on the calendar
  • Support for recurring events


  • Plain interface

Not bad

It's always handy to have a calendar at hand, but unfortunately the default Windows calendar is lacking in tools and options. Easy Calendar is a better choice!

With Easy Calendar you'll be able to check future dates and events in a simple manner. This easy to use calendar and reminder tool lets you view the current calendar and add events and important notes to it right away, without having to fill in any forms. Easy Calendar also supports reminders for recurrent events, with optional notifications.

Easy Calendar features a rather dull interface, but it has loads of options to customize it: you'll be able to change text font and background color, add a border or apply text effects, all of these for each separate item in the calendar. There's also the possibility to have a different appearance for the printer version of the calendar.

Easy Calendar may not be as fully featured or nicely designed as other calendar tools, but it does what it says on the tin and it definitely much more useful than the Windows standard calendar.

Easy Calendar is a simple customizable calendar with support for events and recurring events.

Easy Calendar


Easy Calendar 3.6

User reviews about Easy Calendar

  • by Anonymous

    it doesn't work ! Lot of bugs in it.
    it doesn't work ! Impossible to use, too many bugs, short codes doesn't wor...   More