Google My Maps makes travel easy with custom maps

Google My Maps makes travel easy with custom maps

Google is bringing custom maps back with My Maps. Previously called Google Maps Engine Lite, the feature allows you to create a map with points of interest, routes and much more. You can even view maps created by other users in the Google Maps Gallery.

Users have already created some very interesting maps using the My Maps tool. One company created a map of all the violent crime across the country in the year 2012. There’s also an option to view historical maps to put history lessons into context. This is a good visual tool for students to create maps to use in their research.

An example of a custom map, highlighting the best views and paths in Cahuenga Peak, Los Angeles.

Google also offers a My Maps Android app so you can view and edit your maps on the go. And of course, all your maps are easily sharable with your friends or you can put them on display in the Google Maps Gallery for the public to see.

Download My Maps for Android

Source: Google Maps

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