Despicable Me Minion Rush: 7 basic tips to master the game

Despicable Me Minion Rush: 7 basic tips to master the game

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a casual game for (Android | Blackberry | iOS | Windows PhoneWindows 8). Based on the Despicable Me animated films, we find ourselves in the shoes of a restless minion who travels across an endless laboratory avoiding obstacles and collecting bananas.

Much like Sonic Dash or Subway Surfers, Despicable Me: Minion Rush uses the endless runner style of gameplay: the character runs automatically while you move him sideways and make him jump or crouch to collect items and avoid hazards. Playing the game needs no further explanation, but if you want to master it you will need to follow a few basic tips that I’ll reveal to you right now.

Bash into as many minions as possible

Collecting bananas is very important in Minion Rush as they are the currency in the game. Your goal is to collect as many bananas as possible unless you see other minions on the track. In this case ignore your banana cravings and start bashing into them: every collision with another minion multiplies your score.

Be careful with the green tracks and side view

Minion Rush is exciting enough, but there are small variations in gameplay. When the minion approaches green tracks, you switch from using your finger to controlling him by tilting your device. Tilt carefully because if you move it too much your minion will fall through a gap.

You also have to be very delicate and observant when changing from the usual rear view to side view. This view makes it more difficult to see obstacles, although you’ll get a good view of the scenery and crash less frequently.

It’s probably better to concentrate more on avoiding danger than collecting bananas.

Get the most useful upgrades

There are many upgrades available in the game’s store. Some of these upgrades are paid, others can be purchased with bananas. However once purchased they can be picked up during missions.

Which upgrades are more worth it? I recommend you start with the Minion Shield. Although there are cheaper upgrades, it allows you to continue playing even after you crash into an obstacle but it’ll only work once.

Another useful upgrade is the banana vacuum. The purchase is required to unlock one of the first phases of the game. Just like the magnets in other endless runner games, it attracts all sorts of objects towards you without you having to approach them.

Once you’ve saved up a little more, another solid purchase is the Fluffy Unicorn. When riding on him you’ll to be able to collect bunches of bananas almost effortlessly.

Repeat levels

Don’t obsess over advancing through levels. It’s better to keep repeating them until you’ve collected the three fruits for each one. This strategy will help you get a lot more rewards because once you’ve passed a level and you know how to complete its goals, getting high scores is almost no effort at all.

Master the strategy to defeat Vector

Vector, the villain of the film, appears after level 10. Defeating him isn’t difficult; all you need to do is concentrate and keep your eyes on the drones you need to throw. Focus on avoiding the drones with the bars and when a drone without bars approaches click on it to throw it into the villain. Do this a few times and you’ll eventually defeat him.

Gain time in the Revive screen

Reviving your character is expensive and not worth the trouble. However every time your minion dies a screen pops up with a countdown and the option to revive him. To make the countdown timer pass quickly, repeatedly press on any part of the screen.

Participate in events and win prizes

One option you may have missed is Events. You’ll be able to win additional prizes. Just by playing you win bananas, but if you do well you’ll also earn expensive power-ups and currency.

Practice and beat your high scores

With these basic tips you’ll be able to progress through Minion Rush much faster, but at the end of the day all that matters is the beating your friend’s high score.

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